Melbourne Business & Biodiversity Circle

Our Purpose

Working together on the Planetary Crisis, by catalysing business-led biodiversity action and tackling the global nature investment gap.

Emerging as a response to the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), the Melbourne Business & Biodiversity Circle (MB&BC) is a collaborative space where professionals working at the intersection of our economy and Nature can come together to share their knowledge, visions and anxieties in a positive, aspirational space. 

Through a program of seasonal gatherings, collective impact projects and place-based nature investment initiatives, we’re supporting our region to become Nature Positive by 2030 and transforming biodiversity into one of Melbourne’s cultural and commercial super powers.

Our Challenge

Melbourne’s biodiversity matters to our region’s liveability and to our economy! From agriculture to tourism and international education, the Triple Planetary Crisis (Biodiversity Loss, Climate Change and Pollution) risks the short and long-term foundations of Victoria and Australia’s economy. (See Australian Conservation Foundation, 2022)

Our Solution

By sharing knowledge and building relationships through seasonal gatherings, coordinating multi-sector projects and co-creating place-based nature reinvestment initiatives, we can work towards becoming Nature Positive and transform biodiversity into one of Melbourne’s cultural and commercial superpowers.

Catalysed by COP15

After having the opportunity to attend COP15 in Montreal on behalf of The Thin Green Line Foundation, advocating for the world’s Rangers to be recognised in the GBF, Regeneration Projects’ Founder Matt Sykes was inspired to carry the experience home. We’re now proud to incubate the MB&BC and to be joining forces with like-minded professionals in our home region.

Our 2024 Action Plan

The Melbourne Business & Biodiversity Circle’s 2024 Action Plan sets out our purpose and objectives for the year ahead. It was developed in collaboration with professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries who work at the intersection of Nature and our Economy. Our primary action areas will be:

1. Seasonal Gatherings

2. Collective Impact Initiatives

3. Annual Summit (linked to COP16)

4. Annual Survey & Report

To discover how your organisations can get involved in the array of opportunities and activities, please click the link below.

2024 Membership

Grow your business and our biodiversity! We’ve designed a membership system that welcomes businesses and organisations of different scales, so that we can co-create the conditions for Melbourne’s biodiversity sector to thrive. Some of the benefits of include:

1. Starting your organisation’s Nature journey!

2. Being part of a network of purpose-aligned leaders.

3. Sharing and getting access to the latest information.

4. Positioning your brand at the forefront of business-led biodiversity action and strengthening your climate and circular economy strategies.

5. Unlocking new opportunities and collaborations.

2024 Members

Now taking Expressions of Interest! Businesses and organisations of all sizes, sectors and industries are welcome. Please contact

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2023 Events

The MB&BC events of 2023 are a clear demonstration of the power of business to move quickly in responding to changes in market expectations and opportunities. While government organisations take time to update their biodiversity strategic actions plans post-COP15, we’ve already started to create the conditions for change.

Join the Circle!

Future generations will look back and remember what we did at this pivotal time on Earth. Together, we can make a difference on biodiversity loss, and transform the Planetary Crisis into opportunities for innovation.