Regeneration Projects is an independent Australian consultancy that equips leaders across society with ecological leadership skills, in order to tackle environmental issues and create a resilient future.

As a certified B Corp and partner Actor in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, we collaborate with leaders to design place-based solutions to climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

Our services support leaders in Businesses, Conservation, Government and First Nations to reinvest back into the communities and ecosystems that they depend upon to grow and thrive.

World Economic Forum news!

Ecological Leadership article by Matt Sykes & Shruthi Vijayakumar

Building upon almost four years of collaboration, Matt and Shruthi have teamed up to distil key principles of ‘ecological leadership’ that can empower professionals in Business, Education and Policy-making. Drawing upon Regeneration Projects’ own work and other case studies from around the Planet (such as Patagonia and Faith in Nature) the pair discuss the power of combining Indigenous and Western knowledge.

Two Bays Podcast launch!

Stories from local business champions tackling climate change

The Two Bays Podcast explores stories of hope, grit and determination, inspiring the Planet’s next generation of ecological leaders. The podcast is co-hosted by workmates Matt Sykes (the Aussie founder of Regeneration Projects) and Claire Wild (a Kiwi consultant with a shared passion for positive change). The pair met at an online event in 2020 and have been sparking bold conversations ever since.