Tools for ecological leaders & entrepreneurs

Decision-making tools are crucial for ecological leaders and entrepreneurs, enabling informed choices that foster community wellbeing and environmental stewardship. We invite you to use the insights in the reports to start working in partnership with Nature.

Swimmable Cities Handbook

Shouldn’t access to ‘swimmable’ urban waterways be a human right?

By spotlighting pioneering champions and projects around the Planet, this handbook is a practical resource that will transform the way you understand and work with urban waterways.

Beyond swimming, It’s about an urban regeneration model that can catalyse ecological resilience, community wellbeing, intercultural collaboration, economic innovation and even ways to govern in partnership with Nature!

Working with Water, 2023 Report

From the Birrarung / Yarra River to Warn Marin / Western Port Bay, Nairm / Port Phillip and the Merri Merri, we’ve witnessed a confluence of ideas, passions and solutions. The ‘Working with Water’ event series was all about this synergy. We aimed to break down silos, foster collaborations, and amplify voices that are reshaping our relationship with water, all for the benefit of our Community and the global Common Good.

This report challenges conventional approaches to Integrated Water Management and invites greater multi-sector collaboration, especially private sector leadership.

State of the Two Bays, 2023 Report

Greater Melbourne exists and thrives as a modern community largely because of the life
support systems offered by two water catchments – Nairm / Port Phillip and Western Port.

Regeneration Projects is one of over 560,000 small businesses in the region, which also depend on these two Great Bays for our daily operations.

This report showcases how we are starting to formalise and deepen our partnership with two of our most important stakeholders and, in doing so, inspire
other organisations in their journeys.

Investing in Rangers

Our paper explores the interplay between business, nature, and society, focusing on how investments in nature can support rangers and frontline conservation workers. This approach is key to biodiversity conservation and restoration, enhancing ecosystem services crucial for a nature-positive economy.

We propose an investment framework linking well-supported conservation efforts with benefits for communities, governments, and investors. We discuss sustainable financing drivers and present methods for achieving a regenerative economy through environmental and social outcomes linked to conservation work.

We conclude with insights highlighting how investment in rangers is economically sound, offering measurable returns and benefits to local economies.

Young Tourism Network Workplaces Report 2022

Delivered in partnership with The Young Tourism Network and designed to inform strategic decision-makers in Victorian tourism, events and hospitality.

Since the release of the 2021 Young People in Tourism report, we felt that we couldn’t just comply with the status quo of how Young People engage in the Visitor Economy and its future. We knew we could do more. This report is the culmination of two intensive years of putting the Young Voices in Tourism at the forefront of decision-making.

You will find the key recommendations in the areas of Young leadership, Industry leadership, Government leadership and Operator leadership, plus the key insights and indicators of positive change.