Case Studies

Regeneration takes many forms. Here are a handful of examples that show how we’re empowering the next generation of ecological leaders and entrepreneurs to take action.

We build bridges between Business, First Nations & Ecosystems

Our case studies demonstrate our ability work systemically on urgent issues from climate change, biodiversity and pollution to social resilience, reconciliation and community wellbeing. When we breakdown the silos between humans and the natural world, between diverse cultures or even different generations, sectors and industries we open new opportunities for meaningful change.

MovEat (Sweden) – Capacity Building Workshop

Service: ‘Regenerative Business 101’ Introductory workshop

During a June 2022 visit to Stockholm, Matt supported this food enterprise to better understand its social, environmental and economic impact.

We started by unpacking the team’s childhood experiences of Nature, then stepped through our Five Capitals business development model and adapted it into a tailored impact framework that MovEat can apply to their products across the Nordic region and beyond.

The process clarified and visualised the net benefits of their food-based experiences, such as reinvigorating restaurants; supporting small local farmers; fostering social connection and reducing carbon emissions through foot power. This became a useful tool for strategic decision-makers, potential investors and other stakeholders at a critical time of growth.

Destination Phillip IslandCollective Impact

Service: 12-month ‘Destination Regeneration’ program

After building a foundation of relationships and knowledge through introductory workshops in RY22/23, Regeneration Projects is delivering a tailored 12-month program to support the growth of Phillip Island’s tourism sector in RY23/24.

The program comprises monthly capacity building gatherings, regeneration strategy development and collective impact projects. Our role is as facilitators of a process which enhances the ‘superpowers’ of local industry champions.

Outcomes: The process has led to the formation of a ‘Regenerative Tourism Alliance’ made up of 35+ actors from across business, government and non-profit organisations with clear common goals and activities, such as a ‘give back’ campaign and fund. Its breaking down silos and creating greater communication and coordination, in order to achieve better outcomes for the local community, environment and economy.

Lardner Park (Gippsland) – Strategic Action Plan

Service: 5-Year Strategic plan (with a regenerative focus)

Teaming up with Rewild Agency, Regeneration Projects was proud to support this iconic outdoor events venue at a pivotal time of organisational change (2022-23).

After seeing Metung Hot Springs ‘Regen Action Plan‘, they got in contact with us seeking to create a strategic plan that included social, environmental and economic aspects, using our Five Capital business development model. We facilitated thorough stakeholder engagement, strategy workshops and action planning.

Outcomes: The collaborative process supported the CEO and key decision-makers through change management, creating a renewed sense of purpose and identity fit for the next phase of their institution’s growth. Lardner Park is now well-positioned for new business opportunities, such as government funding and value-aligned event organisers, while contributing to the wider economic transition of their region.

YTN x DJSIR (Victoria) – Leadership Program

Service: 7-Week Professional Development program

In 2022, we collaborated with the Young Tourism Network and the Victorian Government’s Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions, to create the ‘Launchpad’ program.

Designed by young people for young people, the Launchpad is an online learning experience that aligns to social and environmental values of emerging professionals, while also addressing post-COVID workforce issues in the Tourism, Hospitality and Events sector.

Outcomes: We were able to create a leading edge professional experience that isn’t available in mainstream industry education, that equipped over 40 young professionals in a new brand of tourism that cares for Country, tackles climate change, celebrates diversity and more. Other benefits included: opportunities to learn from industry pioneers, intercultural skills and exposure to best practice case studies.

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