Our Story

At the September 2019 climate strike in Melbourne, Founder & CEO Matt Sykes was frustrated about the reluctance of established leaders to take decisive action on systemic issues. He saw the same emotions on the faces of over 100,000 people who also took to the streets. From that time, Matt made a commitment to be different, for his nine nephews and nieces, and for future generations.

Throughout his career he has invested in world class education – a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Melbourne, a Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge and ‘Bush University’ experiences with First Nations Elders – BUT this called for more.

A month later Matt quit his full-time job and flew to California to meet the former head of environmental initiatives at Patagonia, Rick Ridgeway. Matt describes it as like meeting Yoda. “I was looking for answers and Rick just put a mirror right in front of me.” During that 2-hour lunch Rick challenged Matt to create a consultancy for purpose-driven businesses. “Initially, the context was ecotourism but I felt the need to support leaders across different industries and sectors.” 

Fast forward and Regen Projects emerged from the 2020/21 COVID-19 Lockdowns with like-minded collaborators around the Earth – from Naarm / Melbourne to Manna-hata / New York, Oslo to Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland and even the Amazon.

Our strategic and action-focused approach brings great value to organisations ready to challenge the status quo and invest in the planet.

Our Purpose

Our purpose

We Practice Business With Nature For Future Generations.

Our 2030 vision

A diverse, resilient and empowered generation of purpose-driven leaders who are abundantly resourced in the Decade of Action and beyond.

Our values

  • Unapologetically Bold – The time to adapt and act is Now.
  • Collaboration – Innovation emerges at Intersections.
  • Deep Listening – To Planet Earth, each other and ourselves.
  • Compassion – For All living things.
  • Simplicity – In action, communication and impact.