Start the change

Ready to join the regen movement?

Let’s face it – the world is calling for more than what traditional business education currently offers. As a humble contribution, we’ve crafted a range of immersive learning experiences that allow leaders to develop new knowledge and capabilities for addressing systemic global issues.

DIY Virtual Classroom

Learn the basics of regen in your own space and time

Getting started can be the hardest part. So, we’ve made a series of simple introductory modules and kickstarter courses to empower leaders in creating their own regen projects. Enter our virtual classroom – here

Short Courses

Time and space to dive deeper!

Let’s dive deeper into the principles of regeneration and how they can spark new innovation pathways for you and your work. Whether you’re kickstarting a new project or business, or positioned within an established organisation, we can help you strategically grow your impact.

Voices of Regen podcast

Stories of changemakers from Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and afar!

This initiative was born in Naarm Melbourne in response to the impacts of COVID-19, climate change, systemic racism, economic collapse and the inadequate narrative of Sustainability. It started during October 2020, when Matt teamed up with colleague Claire Wild and invited a small group of super progressive businesses leaders from Melbourne to get together, discuss what regen means to them, and plan how to put ideas into action. When Claire returned back to Aotearoa, the pair took the opportunity to unite regen ‘cousins’ on each side of the ditch through an unapologetically bold podcast.

Listen on your favourite platform now: